When are you paying CK Akonnor – Countryman Songo asks Sports Ministry

CK Akonnor and his assistant, David Duncan
CK Akonnor and his assistant, David Duncan

Award-winning sports broadcaster, Patrick Osei-Agyemang, has implored the Youth and Sports Ministry to settle all outstanding debts of Black Stars coach, CK Akonnor.

Akonnor, 47, was appointed in 2019 but seems to be enduring a spell as the head coach of the national team.

After working for over 18 months, Akonor and his assistant, David Duncan, are yet to be fully paid.

The Sports Ministry has only paid Akonnor and Duncan their first five months in office.

With 2022 World Cup qualifiers and 2021 Africa Cup of Nations [Afcon] qualifiers coming up, Mr. Agyemang, known for his ‘no-nonsense’ style of presentation, called on Mustapha Ussif and the Sports Ministry to ensure all debts are paid before the qualifiers start of before the Afcon kicks off.

“It is sometimes sad because why do you appoint a coach and you can’t pay him,” Songo asked during his Fire for Fire Show on Adom TV.

“CK Akonnor is our own and we must support him in all aspects because he must ensure Black Stars win the 2021 Afcon in Cameroon.

“They must be motivated to ensure they give us a good call up. It is a difficult job to do and the Minister must ensure all debt are paid before the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers starts,” he added.

CK Akonnor has been tasked to win the Afcon and play in the semis of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Akonnor is believed to be on a $25,000 monthly salary.



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