Two dead in accident involving ex-Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan
Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

A motorcade of former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan was involved in a road crash in the capital, Abuja.

The Wednesday evening accident claimed the lives of two policemen attached to him.

It occurred when Mr Jonathan, who is a special envoy of the regional bloc ECOWAS, was leaving the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport for his residence in the city.

His spokesman Ikechukwu Eze told the BBC that the former president was not personally affected in the accident.

Mr Jonathan has expressed deep sadness over the unfortunate tragic death of the two police officers, the spokesman said in a statement.

Mr Eze said it was only the vehicle carrying the policemen that skidded off the road when the driver lost control, leading to the death of the two police officers.

Two other policemen sustained injuries in the crash and were taken to a hospital for medical attention.



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