Popular musician arrested for alleged hit-and-run


Nigerian singer Timaya has been arrested just hours after being accused of a hit-and-run incident in Lagos state.

In a video trending on social media, the singer was seen being taken away by policemen after he was accused of hitting a lady with his car and zooming off.

In the viral video, a team of policemen appeared to storm the singer’s house, led him outside his gate, and bundled him into a waiting jeep.

This was after a netizen reported that the singer allegedly hit a woman after she confronted him for bashing her car.

It is said that he asked for her number, probably to reach out to her later, but when she declined, he hit her and sped off the scene.

Videos shared by the victim’s sister saw her in agonizing pain in a hospital bed. She is seen groaning as nurses attend to her physical injuries.

According to the said sister, when she confronted him in his social media DM with her evidence, he blocked her immediately.

Video below:



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