One feared dead, driver in critical condition in Gomoa Dabenyin accident


A commercial bus conductor, known in local parlance as ‘mate’, is feared dead while his driver is in a critical condition following a road traffic accident at Gomoa Dabenyin on the Kasoa-Winneba stretch.

The driver of a GT 3511-22 registered container truck, carrying vegetable cooking oil is reported to have rammed into a parked trailer.

Per eyewitness’s account, the truck was parked on the shoulder of the road so its driver could attend nature’s call.

Unaware of the parked trailer, the truck driver is said to have attempted to veer off his lane, which caused him to collide head-on.

He further drove into a container shop in an attempt to avert more damage.

The full brunt fell on the passenger side, trapping the mate while the driver managed to escape with severe injuries to his leg.

Eyewitnesses say it took salvaging the mangled cabin of the truck with saws and pickaxe to rescue the mate who was unconscious.

The mate and driver have since been rushed to the Winneba Trauma and Specialist Hospital.


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