My Mother Caused Our Broken Home – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and Father
Shatta Wale and Father

Shatta Wale gathers momentum to face his mother’s accusations as he continues to spill more family secrets. Accordingly, he blames his mother for his tough childhood because she run away from her marital home.

Mama Shatta, born Madam Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, accused her son of abandonment and neglect, which led to her homelessness. She also detailed how badly Shatta has treated her despite the sacrifices she made to make sure he excels.

In a counter-narrative, the dancehall artiste has exposed his mother for thwarting the plans his family made to better their lives. In his usual fashion, Shatta Wale spoke angrily about his family’s suffering because of his mother’s selfishness.

“I am from a broken home. My mother left my father. Let me tell you, people, something. When I was in SHS 1, we studied thirteen subjects in Ghana. I’m not a machine or factory to learn thirteen subjects a day. So I told my father that I can’t continue schooling.

Then, my father planned to relocate the family to Miami (USA). The first time I heard Miami, it was from my father. When I was a child, I travelled to London and others. He had gotten a contract in America, so he wanted to relocate his family. Oh, my sister and brother, my mother left my father. She rubbished the plans. She run away and left my father. My father tried, tried and tried. God is our witness.”





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