Don’t travel to Gao Region in Mali – Ghanaians warned

Gao Region
Gao Region

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration in Ghana has warned nationals against travelling to the Gao Region and its surrounding areas in northeastern Mali.

The caution is due to the recent abductions and executions of travellers especially Christians including Ghanaians, in the Gao Region of the northern part of Mali.

A statement issued by the Ministry and copied to and dated Tuesday, May 17, 2022, advised Ghanaians who are already in the Gao region to leave immediately for their safety and security.

“Those who, for any reason, are unable to leave are advised to minimise their movement, monitor developments in the local security situation, and follow precautions based on their own best judgment.

“Those who choose to depart the Gao region are advised to exercise the utmost caution as they move to a departure point, only when judged to be safe to do so,” it advised.

The Foreign Ministry further is asking commercial transport operators and drivers who continue to ply the Gao stretch from Ghana to as a matter of urgency and security concerns, suspend all operations to that part of Mali.

According to the statement, the Ghana government has limited ability to facilitate the evacuation of Ghanaian nationals from the Gao Region but those who require assistance to leave the zone should reach the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on +22371762020, +22320295768 and +23377807676.


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