Abena Korkor weeps uncontrollably [Listen]

Abena Korkor
Abena Korkor

Social media influencer, Abena Korkor, broke down in tears while appreciating those she said have been there for her during her low moments.

In an interview on Adom FM‘s Drive Time show Office Kwanso, Abena Korkor, who could not hold her tears, said there are people including her family who have been there for her and still support her even when everyone is against her.

According to her, even those she calls friends are now against her because of things that happened to her.

To the mental health advocate, who has been vocal about her battle with bipolar disorder, it hurts but she believes that it’s God’s way of cutting off people who don’t have to be part of her life’s journey, and she takes fulfillment from that.

“I want to say thanks to my dad, mum, and my brother, they have been very supportive. I say thanks to my pastor and some very close friends, the list is long. There are people who have been there for me and support me, they encourage me and hug me when they see me. Some people will even call me and warn me not to mention their names out there and these are supposed to be my friends.

“Just be with people who want to be with you and leave those who don’t want to be with you. I will always go back to the story of Joseph, if his brothers loved him, he wouldn’t have been able to save his family and become a Prince and so if there are persons leaving your life, just allow them because God has better plans for you and I know God is always with me and it will definitely work out for my good,” she said while crying.


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